Introduction to Meditation:

4-week course starts Sept, 2023

Past Events

 Home Retreat - Sunday, March 20th 2022

Join us for a full or half day of meditation

This retreat is offered on the basis of dana, or pay from the heart. 

Video: About this Home Retreat

How to prepare, what it entails, and more.

Video: Standing and Walking Meditation

Registration / RSVP

Send an etransfer or Paypal payment to meditationgroundwork@gmail.com by 6pm MT Saturday 19th March, and in the message let us know if you're attending morning, afternoon, or all day. This will serve as your registration.

Need a Dana Guide? Check in with your heart and think about different amounts. Go with an amount that doesn't feel too much or too little, based on your own finances and the 3-6 hours of guidance and the organization behind this retreat.


All times stated on the schedule and this website are in Mountain Time.