Online & live meditation sits 3 days/week

Meditation Groundwork is a program to support you in your aspiration to practice meditation regularly. Our intention is to provide a framework for a strong regular practice, supporting you to practice more by yourself as well as with the group. Join one or more of our live group sits, up to three times a week.

Who is Meditation Groundwork for? 

Anyone who: 


Part of you knows that dedicating time to stop and breathe mindfully is important. Yet, it’s hard to make it happen alone! 

Whatever good intentions we have, the reality is that life is set up to draw us into habits and busyness. It takes a huge effort to unroot this habit of thinking about everything, everywhere, all the time! It is just what we know, what we are used to.

You have seen that this kind of life is not fulfilling. That whatever you do, you always fall back into some sort of anxiety, dissatisfaction or pain.

Ultimately, you know that true peace is found inwards. All you need is to give time and effort to train yourself into being present with this moment, just as it is, without needing to do much about it. 

We set up Meditation Groundwork's group practice program to help people like you develop the muscle of concentrating the mind on something truly wonderful and anchoring, your very own breath.

Maryline & Andy founded Meditation Groundwork during the height of the pandemic, knowing people needed more connection & support.

The gain

These sessions are meant to provide the structure needed in order to make progress on your personal growth journey.

"The Meditation Groundwork offered by Andy and Maryline helps me stay on track and on the cushion and at the same time gives me the opportunity to ask questions. I like the fact that the meditation meetings are well organized. It’s an easy and uncomplicated way to start or end the day".

Barbara - Meditation Groundwork Participant

"I am so grateful to have found Meditation Groundwork's online sits. I was surprised at how quickly the gatherings started to feel like a community. Being able to count on the familiar and welcoming faces of Andy and Maryline several times a week has helped me be more consistent and has deepened my mindfulness practice".

Ari – Meditation Groundwork Participant

" My experiences with Andy and Maryline have been most enjoyable. I like how much more connected I felt, in myself, with the guidance of either one of them. I did not expect to be as thoroughly and delightedly grounded as I have. I highly recommend these sits with them".

KarenMeditation Groundwork Participant


Does this resonate with you

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Then click the link in the weekly email to join us live online. Offer dana on a weekly or monthly basis, whichever works for you.

We look forward to practicing with you!