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Video: Standing and Walking Meditation

Blog: The Buddha's Last Words?

The Buddha's last words? Apparently, he urged his students to pay attention to the details.

After 40 years of teaching, was the Buddha naming Mindfulness in his last breath?

Mmm, perhaps it's a little more important than we realize.

The words mindful and mindfulness get used on a rather surface level these days.

As meditators, we learn to go deeper because we create the space for it.

For example, during a meditation you may notice, separately:

- a sensation arise in your knee,

- experiencing the feeling as unpleasant,

- applying the label pain,

- (if it continues, perhaps hindrances like drowsiness, restlessness, or doubt that meditation works!)

- the thought of moving the leg,

- the decision to move it,

- the arising of the intention to actually move the leg, before it moves

In this way, moving a leg becomes part of the meditation. It's less likely to disturb us or generate negative emotions. We move the leg mindfully, and it's done.

With regular practice we can begin to bring this kind of self-awareness into our daily lives. And this is why we keep running Meditation Groundwork.

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