About Meditation Groundwork

We started Meditation Groundwork during the lockdown period of the recent pandemic.

Despite being part of a strong spiritual group, we saw a gap. And from a highly inspired conversation over lunch one day, we clearly shared a passion for filling it:

Nobody we knew was offering a regular online meditation group to the public.

Within a month, we set up Meditation Groundwork.

Since November 2020, dozens of people have joined us as part of their meditation journey. 

Of course, teaching meditation to new people is different to hosting a group meditation.

From the start, we focused on hosting and helping people keep a regular practice. We offer some teaching or guidance along the way, often based on questions and our monthly themes.

Are you looking for something like this? We'd love to have you join us.

2023: Introduction to Meditation Online Course

Do our 30 or 40 minute meditations seem like a stretch? We now offer a 4-week introductory course. 

 Your Hosts 


I'm Maryline! 

Click to watch my intro video!

Hi, I'm Andy

Welcome to Meditation Groundwork.

Our roots🌿

Clear Sky Center is a contemporary monastery dedicated to helping you transform struggles into vitality. Both Andy and Maryline lived and trained there. 

Our Spiritual Mentors

Qapel (Achariya Doug Duncan) and Sensei (Catherine Pawasarat) have been our guides and trainers for 10+ years. They are incredible teachers, committed to helping as many beings as possible to see through suffering.